Back to Worcester

After a few weekends at the Cheese Engine in Rugby tracking keyboards and guitars, recording has now moved back to Idlebone in Worcester for a few last guitars from Steven and vocal & percussion recordings. Its coming on nicely

Keys are done

The new recording sessions have moved over to The Cheese Engine in Rugby for keyboard and synth nonsense. Peters work is done. Some of it went well…….

Stevens guitars are down

Steven has been a very busy bee doing his guitar tracks on the album. Its coming together rather nicely.

Bass tracks

The Craig made a start on gluing his bottom end to Dans drums today. It would seem that after a 5 year hiatus good things are happening again.

New songs

Recording sessions have started on a new LP. It does not have a name yet but it will soon. We are very happy to be making new noises for you, its been quite a while. Updates, pictures and previews will appear here as the LP takes shape. Dan has done a very good job with his drumming parts for all the songs.  
Craig’s turn next.   Hearty thanks to Marc Hammond at Shrubby Road Studio for his facilities. What a nice man.

Spotify Playlist

We thought you might want to know what music we listen to. You probably dont, but if you do, here is some of it…..