The history

The first official Stuntdog release was ‘Rock-O-Matic‘ in 2004.

The album is a diverse collection of songs reflecting the bands numerous and varied interests in music. From the punchy ‘Sixty Zippers‘ through to the very wrong ‘Fez on a peg‘.

Rock-O-Matic‘ was two years in the making but Steven and Peter had been recording for many years under different names and colourful cloaks prior to the making of ‘Rock-O-Matic‘.

The album ‘Egg‘ was released in 2007 and saw the birth of favourites ‘Hazard Man‘ and ‘Blooty‘.

Breakfast of Champions’ was released in 2009 and includes re-recordings and different versions of the bands favourite tunes from past years.

The most recent Stuntdog studio Long Player ‘Look at the size of that one‘ was released in 2013. The cover featured a man from the past with a very big potato. LATSOTO saw the arrival of the live set crowd pleaser ‘Billy Botch’.

2013 brought a change to the band line-up with Worcesters Dan Slade taking on the responsibility of hitting things and the then 18 year old pup Tommy Jennings-Bates bringing his ultra-sonic guitar tomfoolery to the party, along with a shitload of effects pedals. The new line-up got to work straight away and recorded a live CD for AiiRadio as a thank you to the station for debuting LATSOTO. Copies of the CD were given away free at gigs.

They are now a rare little item.